Location: Lexan


A small town at the foot of the mountain home to the Lexan Arcaneum

The Arcaneum is the most prominat thing in Lexan. There is a bustling marketplace for basic supplies. Most of the trades bring in supplies for the Arcanium.


A large percentage of people in Lexan are part of the Arcaneum in some way or another. The few non-magical folk there love and revere the magicians of the Arcaneum

Places of Interest

Lexan Arcaneum

The Arcaneum is the place to come to learn magic. It is split into thre factions: The Wizarding faction, The Artificing Workshops, and The Sorcerers Support Hub. The Wizarding faction is the largest of the three factions and is home to all who wish to study and learn their theory of magic to bring fourth effects using the arcane traditions. The Artificing Workshops are home to individuals who wish to combine magics with materials to create new and innovative strides in technology. Lastly, The Sorcerers Support Hub welcomes all born with innate power, aiding them in advancing their skills and abilities, guiding them on their path of self-discovery.

The Arcanum's teachings begin at 3pm and finish at midnight, with most proessors and faculty memebers being available from 12 noon for consultation.

Wizards' Place

Rennick's Laboratory

Rennick's Laboratory is a chaotically decorated space, strewn with different contractions and "thingamajigs" that do various things. Many of his contraptions have unknown function to anyone but Rennick himself, and even then it is hit or miss. Rennick can often be found here when he is not running late to a lecture he is meant to be teaching, or elsewhere during said lecture he is meant to be teaching.

The Hex n'Jinx

Archmage Vira Halemay's Office

The Church of Azuth


Lexan Marketplace

Lexan Marketplace is located in the main town outside the Arcaneum. It hosts a number of various stalls where supplies can be purchased and traded.


Map of Lexan